Device Lifecycle Management for a Leading European Aviation Company.

Device Lifecycle Management for a Leading European Aviation Company.

Device lifecycle management is crucial for organisations operating in today’s technology-driven landscape. This case study explores the challenges faced by a leading European Aviation company in managing the lifecycle of their devices, particularly iPads, across multiple countries in Europe. The study presents the solution implemented by Fónua Enterprise to effectively manage device deployment, refresh, and trade-in, resulting in enhanced technology infrastructure, cost savings, and contributions to the circular economy.

The Challenge

The European Aviation company relied heavily on iPads for various business operations, including crew management, passenger services, and flight planning. However, managing the entire device lifecycle proved to be a complex task. The challenges included:

  1. Precise Rollout: The company needed to deploy iPads to multiple countries across Europe with precision and timely execution.
  2. Centralised Lifecycle Management: The company desired a single entity to oversee and manage the entire device lifecycle, including deployment, refresh, trade-in, and disposal.
  3. Device Fleet Refresh: The existing iPads needed to be replaced with the latest technology to ensure optimal performance and security.
  4. Device Protection and Accessories: The company sought to provide comprehensive protection and charging accessories with the new devices to enhance usability and longevity.

The Solution

To address the challenges faced in device lifecycle management, the European Aviation company implemented a comprehensive solution that encompassed the following key elements:

  1. Device Fleet Refresh: The company procured a significant volume of new iPads equipped with the latest technology, ensuring improved performance, security, and user experience.
  2. Deployment and Device Management: A dedicated team was responsible for deploying the iPads across multiple countries in Europe. They managed the configuration, software updates, and security settings to ensure uniformity and compliance.
  3. Device Accessories: Each iPad was kitted with protective cases and charging accessories, ensuring durability and convenience for the end-users. The kitting of the iPads protected the residual value for the future trade-in.
  4. Apple Business Manager (ABM) Integration: The company leveraged Apple Business Manager to streamline device enrolment, configuration, and deployment, simplifying the management process.
  5. Trade-In Program: The older iPads that were replaced during the refresh process were collected and traded in for a total value of €150,000. This initiative not only reduced e-waste but also provided a significant cost offset for the company.
  6. Circular Economy Contribution: Instead of disposing of the traded-in iPads, Fónua Enterprise opted to repurpose and donate a portion of them to charitable organisations, contributing to the circular economy and benefiting communities in need.

The Results

The implementation of the device lifecycle management solution yielded significant benefits for the leading European Aviation company:

  1. Latest Technology: The company’s workforce now has access to cutting-edge iPads, enabling them to perform their duties more efficiently and effectively.
  2. Enhanced Security and Usability: The protective cases and charging accessories provided with the new iPads ensured device durability and improved user experience.
  3. Timely Deployment: The precise rollout of iPads across multiple European countries was successfully executed, minimising disruptions to business operations.
  4. Cost Savings: The trade-in program resulted in a €150,000 offset, reducing the financial burden of the device refresh and contributing to overall cost savings.
  5. Circular Economy Contribution: By repurposing and donating the traded-in iPads to charitable organisations, the company demonstrated its commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, making a positive impact on communities in need.

From start to finish, Fónua’s professionalism and timely support was excellent, ensuring that our company received our order within very stringent deadlines. Fónua allowed us the option of phasing our delivery to meet our demand, provided high stock levels within a short time period and arranged delivery when and where suited us. Conor and the team at Fónua were always willing to support us with any requirements which we require.

Device lifecycle management is a critical aspect of maintaining an efficient and up-to-date technology infrastructure. This case study highlights the successful implementation of a device lifecycle management solution by a leading European Aviation company. By deploying new iPads, managing the entire lifecycle, implementing device protection measures, integrating with Apple Business Manager, and facilitating a trade-in program, the company achieved the desired results of enhanced technology, cost savings, and contributions to the circular economy. This case study serves as an exemplary model for organisations looking to optimise device lifecycle management and leverage technology for operational excellence.

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