Device Forensic Data Wipe

Securely remove user data from any device.

What is Device Forensic Data Wipe?

Device Forensic Data Wipe is a safe and secure way of completely erasing user data from a device, this process will give you peace of mind that any precious or confidential data will not be misplaced and the device can be repurposed or recycled effectively afterwards.

Our mobile device data wipe solution ensures that any device or tablets with confidential information attached, is wiped securely as quickly and effectively as possible. It means that all data is permanently removed from that device.

Data security doesn’t need to be a concern with Fonua Enterprise, after each data wipe you will receive a legally binding certification of data destruction.

Our Data Wipe Solutions Partners

Our software partners will safely remove all user data, restoring your smart device back to an out of box state, which will include a certification of data destruction.

Devices that can’t be data wiped or fail to power on are listed and sent for certified destruction by our recycling partners WEEE Recycling and KMK Metals.

What's next for your device?

Once your device is wiped it is now restored to it’s factory settings and is certified for reuse or recycling. These devices can be be traded in where fit, restocked, recycled or gifted to a worthy charitable organisation.


All devices have a certified data wipe performed and where restocking is requested we also complete functionality testing and cleansing.


Devices for recycling will always meet the strict environmental standards adhered to by our certified recycling partners.


We also operate a device gifting programme, where funds raised from the sale of old devices is 100% gifted to our charity partner or a charity of your choice.

All of these options contribute to a circular economy and increase the lifespan of devices and save potential generation of e-waste, where valuable metals and components are recovered, refurbished and reused. Value can be recovered from your unused or obsolete devices with our trade-in service, these devices can be given a new life with repairs and refurbishments by Fónfix and can find a second life with our own refurbished device brand Mint+.

Fonua Enterprise Device Lifecycle Management

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