Trade-in Solutions

Recover value on your mobile devices through our trade-in and buy-back solutions.

Fonua Enterprise Trade-in

Save money, help the planet and contribute to a circular economy.

Why Trade-in?

As part of your device refresh process, there is an opportunity to trade in the existing device.

Benefits of trade-in:

  1.  Environmentally friendly recycling.
  2. Refund payment.
  3. Credit applied to customer account.
  4. Donation to charity of choice.

The Trade-in Process

Here are 5 simple steps to trade in your device:
  1. Customer advises of the quantity of devices and location for collection.
  2. Customer removes FMI, Samsung Knox, Google Lock or MDM.
  3. Fonua will forensically data wipe all devices using Blackbelt or BLANCCO. Data wipe certs are saved for every IMEI for 24 months.
  4. Handsets that do not power on or that fail data wipe are listed and sent for certified destruction to Fónfix’s WEE partner, KMK metals.
  5. The value of the trade-in stock can be paid to a customer in a cheque payment, a credit can be applied to the customer’s account or a cheque can be made payable to a charity of the customer’s choice.

Trade-in Portal

Simple to use portal with straight-forward questions that determine the valuation, instruction and process.

Fonua Enterprise Device Lifecycle Management

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